We asked "If you could ask God one question, what would it be?" and then spent the summer talking about how He might answer.

Does God Exist?

30th July 2017, Phil Watkins

Does God Exist? - Phil Watkins
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Why is there Suffering?

6th August 2017, Phil Watkins

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Where does evil come from?

13th August 2017, Phil Watkins

Where Does Evil Come From? - Phil Watkins
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Is it possible to live a good life?

20th August 2017, Phil Watkins

Is It Possible To Live A Good Life? - Phil Watkins
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Is there meaning to life?

27th August 2017, Phil Watkins


What will happen when I die?

3rd September 2017, Phil Watkins

What will happen when I die? - Phil Watkins
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