Catalyst is a family of churches aiming to make disciples in all nations. 

We look to do this in three ways:

    •    Being a people of the Word and the Spirit

    •    Equipping, supporting and starting churches

    •    Empowering people to impact and influence the UK and the             nations




Catalyst is part of Newfrontiers, which can trace its history back to the 1970s and the early days of the charismatic movement. What began as a number of churches looking to Terry Virgo for help and support grew into a worldwide family of churches, holding annual bible weeks first in the South Downs and then at Stoneleigh. 


In 2001 Stoneleigh Bible Week came to an end, replaced by an annual leadership conference in Brighton known as Together on a Mission, gathering around 5000 people each year.


In 2011 Terry Virgo handed over the leadership of Newfrontiers to around 20 team leaders around the world, each of them free to develop their own initiatives and strategies. These leaders are united on global mission and by core values and genuine relationships.


Catalyst began as the group of churches within Newfrontiers looking to David Devenish for leadership and input. It is one of five apostolic teams that make up Newfrontiers in the UK, and these teams still work together to support projects such as Newday, Mobilise and Jubilee+.


The first Catalyst Prayer and Fasting was held in September 2012, and the first Catalyst Festival in May 2013. We are only at the start of this new adventure in God, and can’t wait to see where he is going to lead us.  



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