God has a wonderful family made up of all kinds of people. He loves our friends with Learning Difficulties.


We run ‘Doorway’ once a month on Sunday afternoons for them from 4pm – 5.30pm. We do many different things in our meetings.


We usually start with a drink and a chat. We may do a craft activity, drama or flag dancing. We read the Bible. We always sing and pray . We love to come close to God and enjoy being together. Sometimes we also have social events like picnics and parties.


We are part of a Christian charity called ‘Count Everyone In’ which helps set up and encourages groups like ours in churches across the country .They organize holidays, weekends and Celebration Days which we often join in with.


On some Sunday mornings at our main church service, after the worship time, we run a small group specially for our Doorway friends called ‘The Way’. This is so that we can all be involved in the things the whole church does.

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