Grace Community Church was created from the merger of two previously existing congregations, both part of the Newfrontiers family.


A couple of years earlier, David Devenish, one of the leaders of Newfrontiers, had prophesied a common vision over the elders of both churches, for the "Spiritual regeneration" of Stevenage. This planted the first seeds but it was when the leaders of the two churches found God had joined their hearts together in a deeper way that things began to move forward.


After a period of relationship building between the two congregations and carefully seeking God together, Grace Community Church was born in October 2004.

During the first year we completed the process of the merger. We also gained some new people, which changed the ethnic mix of the church, for which we are grateful to God. In year two we began our leadership development programme and from our third year we have begun the work of becoming increasingly outward-looking, with the aim of developing as a missionary church.


From the outset God has been speaking to us about significant growth and impact on the town and surrounding areas. We have received a number of prophecies, not only from within the congregation but also from beyond which, together with our reading of the bible, encourage us to believe that God intends us to grow significantly.


This is our future.

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